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Strongly Coupled Gauge Theories at Finite Density


We propose to study strongly coupled gauge theories at finite density by utilizing holography. This is important and interesting because the holographic techniques are powerful and efficient tools to investigate into the areas of gauge theories which have previously been not possible. Non-abelian gauge theories, such as QCD, at low energy is notoriously difficult to examine analytically because the interaction becomes strong and the best hope of the present is the numerical lattice studies. However, the theories at finite density is currently not accessible even by lattice simulations due to technical problems. Therefore, the properties of QCD at observationally relevant density are largely unknown. The holographic techniques allow us to investigate into such regimes of the gauge theories and the consequences have extensive impact from nuclear physics to condensed matter physics. The members of the host institute and the researcher have just right complementary expertise and skills to undertake this project. Especially, one of the frame works proposed is initiated by the host scientist in charge and thus successful execution of the proposal would certainly result in the mutual benefit and contribute to the European scientific excellence and competitiveness.

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University Campus Gallos
74100 Rethimno

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Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Eva Michelidaki (Ms.)
EU contribution
€ 135 876,08