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The altering of the agricultural labour's meaning through the multifunctional model of agricultural activity as an answer to the crisis caused by the loss of jobs in the agricultural sector


Economy globalization has led to the development of a new work ideology in companies. The employee’s contribution to the competitiveness of the company and his/her direct responsibility for maintaining his/her position in the company comprise the central axis of this ideology. The model appeals to the employee's ability to adjust to a continuously changing economic environment, readjusting his/her knowledge and abilities to the company's demands. The goal of this project is to recognize whether the globalization processes induce similar social upheavals in the agricultural sector, as well, and whether multi-functional model of agriculture could counterbalance the social upheavals brought by global competition for food production. “Struggle of positions” (la lutte des places) is Vincent de Gaulejac’s central theory concerning changes in the workplace due to the prevalence of the above model. A similar “struggle” seems to have begun in the agricultural sector and the question that remains is what the future hold for the agricultural sector because of the transformations induced by the new Agricultural policy. This project has the following specific aims: 1. To show the transformations induced by the new economic conditions in the social composition of the agricultural profession 2. To describe the consequences in the agricultural professional identity, if the professional practices proposed by the new model of agricultural work are adopted. 3. To show whether, in the face of changes in the agricultural work standards, a group of farmers can be re-established in their history, formulate new plans, make decisions and think of new actions.

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