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Deposition of Atmospheric Particles on the Ocean : a Process study


The surface ocean nutrient cycle controls the efficiency of the “biological carbon pump” through which CO2 is transported as organic carbon to the deep sea. The DAPOP project aims to study the chemical, biological and physical processes that controls the release of nutrients (iron and phosphorus) by atmospheric particle deposition to the surface ocean and, thus, to quantify the impact of atmospheric inputs on surface ocean nutrient cycles. This will be done by conducting a set of experiments that are designed to (1) understand and quantify the factors that control the release of nutrients from atmospheric particles and (2) to quantify the residence time of atmospheric particles in the surface of the ocean. The study site will be the North-Eastern Tropical Atlantic Ocean which is the oceanic region receiving the highest desert dust deposition in the global ocean. The development of a time-series station in this area represents an opportunity to conduct this project. The results should bring a sufficient comprehension of the processes involved to elaborate some parameterization schemes. A comparison of these results with the time-series data set of the DYFAMED site (in the North-Western Mediterranean Sea) will help determine the validity of these schemes in other oceanic regions. I propose to conduct this project at IFM-GEOMAR, because of the strong expertise of this institution in cycling and speciation of elements in the ocean which will allow me to acquire essential competences to realize this project. In addition IFM-GEOMAR, as a leading institution in Europe, offers the practical arrangements needed to implement the project. Their multidisciplinary approach in ocean sciences represents a condition to the success of the project but also an opportunity for my career development in reaching a position of professional maturity.

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MC-IEF - Intra-European Fellowships (IEF)


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