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Maternal Communication with embryo


Mechanisms of interactions of embryos with their maternal environment are important biological filters limiting reproductive success, both in livestock and the human. Although several aspects of the embryo-maternal interactome have been studied, there is so far no systematic analysis of this biological module. Increasing our knowledge regarding maternal interaction with embryos will lead to creation of novel molecular markers of fertility that will help to improve the fertility of livestock population by genomic selection and thus provide unique competitive advantages to the animal breeding industry. Knowledge of the embryo-maternal interactome will facilitate novel approaches for improving the efficiency and safety of assisted reproduction techniques. Finally, this knowledge has cross-disciplinary applications in human health and is of immense importance for future public health. No systematic studies to date have been performed to allow construction of an in-silico model for the temporal sequence of events involved in maternal communication with embryos. All investigations so far have studied this interaction in isolation, without consideration of spatial or temporal components that may confer consequences for developmental potential. Early embryonic development, implantation and maintenance of pregnancy are critically dependent for intact and efficient communication between embryo and the maternal tract. The overall objective of this application is to identify the local proteomic factors produced in porcine oviduct and uterine horn in response to developing embryo. This information will be used to construct a systemic in-silico based model of oviduct and uterine horn proteomic secretome environment and changes in this milieu, due to embryo development. For this purpose, we evaluate the oviduct secretory proteomic profile alteration in response to embryos at different stage of development.

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