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Static and Dynamical Description of Correlated Nuclear Systems


Our knowledge of nuclear physics is widening thanks to the availability of radioactive ion beams (RIB). These give access to previously unknown regions of the nuclear chart and unveil new properties of atomic nuclei and their constituents, the nucleons (neutrons and protons). RIB experiments have found previously unknown nuclear phenomena, providing exciting challenges for theoretical nuclear physics. Among these, one should make an effort in understanding how the properties of nucleons are modified inside exotic nuclei. This can only be assessed with a proper treatment of nuclear correlations beyond the mean-field approach. In this proposal we focus on two particular subjects of relevance in the context of nuclear theory for RIB facilities. On the one hand, we would like to develop a time-dependent formalism for the description of central low-energy reactions including the effects of correlations. To this end, we will study the Kadanoff-Baym equations, which account for the time-evolution of nucleon propagators in the nuclear medium. These equations are quantal and offer a consistent theoretical framework to include different processes in the description of reactions. In spite of their potential applications (even for nuclear structure properties), they have been applied scarcely to finite nuclear systems. On the other hand, we plan to perform realistic many-body calculations to understand how correlations change with the increasing isospin asymmetry of nuclear media. In contrast to the somewhat phenomenological extrapolations inherent in mean-field theories, microscopic many-body approaches have a good handle on isospin asymmetry. The Self-Consistent Green’s Functions theory can, in particular, describe isospin asymmetric correlated nuclear systems and offers a unique benchmark to study how the in-medium properties of nucleons change in the conditions of large isospin asymmetries present in the exotic nuclei studied at RIB facilities.


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