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Full sky neutrino astronomy with the Deep Core of IceCube

Final Report Summary - NEUTRINOSICDC (Full sky neutrino astronomy with the deep core of icecube)

Dr Roucelle started to be supported from the Marie Curie Fellowship on the 1 April 2009 and concluded it on the 31 August 2009. Even if the presence of Dr Roucelle in Heidelberg has been short, Dr Roucelle has been able to contribute significantly to our activity. In the same time, the training Dr Roucelle received in Heidelberg strengthened her curriculum and accelerated her career in France.

The curriculum of Dr Roucelle is excellent and it was not a big surprise to me when she communicated her successful application for a permanent position in Paris. Following Dr Roucelle new appointment, we had to interrupt the Marie Curie fellowship at MPIK. Dr Roucelle will continue her research work in her home country.