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Testing the Standard Model through CP Violation in B mesons


One of the most challenging and fascinating problems in science is to understand the origin of the Universe. Particularly mysterious is the source of the matter-antimatter imbalance, which lies in the violation of CP symmetry. Studies of this phenomenon may reveal sources of new physics, beyond our current comprehension. CP violation can be investigated experimentally by studying the behaviour of "beauty" particles, which contain a b quark.

Currently, the most precise of these studies come from experiments known as "B factories" such as the Belle experiment at the KEK laboratory in Japan. A different and complementary approach to the study of beauty particles will be adopted by the LHCb experiment, at CERN. Data taking will start when the Large Hadron Col lider (LHC) becomes operational, in 2007. It is essential for the successful operation of LHCb, to reduce the enormous event rate through effective online event selection (triggering).

This must incorporate the most up-to-date and accurate existing knowledge of CP violation, such as the results coming from the Belle experiment. Belle has accumulated a very large data sample, and is at the peak of its scientific productivity. The project involves developing optimal trigger strategies for LHCb. This incorporates CP violation studies at Belle, and the porting of these results to LHCb.

Through these studies, and the development of expertise in the LHCb electronics and data flow, the researcher will help to maximize the physics capabilities of LHCb. Efficient and effective trigger strategies will be designed and implemented, and the first data from LHCb will be analysed, within the Grid framework. The project will enable the researcher to return to Europe from Japan, and to re-establish himself in the European community.

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