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Development of new strategies for osteochondral regeneration


In contrast to any conventional therapies, regeneration medicine such as tissue engineering requires highly cross-disciplinary knowledge and technology. In this proposal, we propose new strategies for tissue engineering osteochondral tissue to tackle a disease caused by physical trauma and age-related degeneration, a major health problem in western societies. Despite various therapeutic options, no optimal solution has been found for the treatment of cartilage and osteochondral defects. This project aims to develop a new type of osteochondral scaffold to stimulate chondrocytes and osteoblasts growing in a monolithic structure with different architecture regions. The frame of the scaffold will be constructed by degradable PLA/PCL blends with tailorable degradation mechanisms. The collage II and hyaluronan gel will be incorporated into the large pore region by plastic compression to enhance chondrogenesis, whilst HA and TRAP signalling components will be adhered to small pore region to promote bone formation. To accelerate the maturation of the tissue and matrix production, external mechanical stimulation to the constructs will be applied. The feature of the various pore architecture through the scaffold enables transfer of differentiated strain to the seeded cells depending on the area where the cells are present under a single load regime. This multidisciplinary project will be hosted by one of EU excellent institute within NoE network in tissue engineering. The research fellow has accepted comprehensive training in materials science in a top ranked university in Turkey. The complementary expertise and experience between the fellow and the host ensure the success of the proposal. The success of the project shall share the knowledge and technology between the fellow and the host and enhance the fellow’s career development.

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