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Content archived on 2024-06-18

Elaboration of an evaporative cooling technique with shear-driven liquid films


The main goal of the proposal is to elaborate a new technology for active cooling of high heat flux equipment, using thin, intensively evaporating liquid films driven by the action of a forced gas flow in a narrow channel. The main practical motivation of the project is to develop a design capability and design tools that would enable effective cooling of powerful microelectronics for terrestrial and space applications. This capability must be based upon the development of a fundamental understanding of the parameters enabling high heat transfer rates in such thin film systems. It is proposed to develop such fundamental understanding through conducting systematical experimental studies, including studies in microgravity during aircraft parabolic flights. The experiments will be performed on test sections with flat and microstructured local heaters, which will be brought to the host institution (ULB) by the applicant. ULB possesses all necessary experimental facilities to organize and study shear-driven liquid film flows. In the experiments several state-of-the-art techniques will be used (Schlieren methods, Infrared thermography, Fiber optical thickness probe, High speed CCD camera). The proposed research is supposed to make significant advances in basic knowledge of liquid film heat transfer and rupture, and eventually may lead to a new practical cooling technology with broad area of applications in the marketplace. The proposed research, as well as applicant’s scientific experience, is relevant to the research interest and activities of MRC group of ULB. MRC-ULB has close collaboration with Euro Heat Pipes S.A. aiming at elaboration and creation of an advanced film cooling system for powerful microelectronics. Part of the proposed research is in the framework of ESA-sponsored MAP BOILING project of MRC-ULB. The proposed activity will reinforce mutually beneficial cooperation between ULB and IT, which has been lasting for more than 10 years.

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