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Innovative Techniques and Models to Study Glia-Neuron Interactions


It became evident over the last 20 years that glial cells are involved in virtually every aspect of nervous system function. Neurons and glia exchange chemical signals that are essential for the normal function of the nervous system, and are crucial in disease. Recently it was discovered that glial cells also act as neural stem cells both in early development and adulthood, and in synapse formation. This rapid progress in glia research generated not only many new insights but also numerous new questions, and it became obvious that to deal with the complexity of glia-neuron interactions and to formulate new concepts in the field, we need novel experimental paradigms and methodologies. The EdU-GLIA network is aimed at equipping young researchers with the most advanced skills knowledge in glial cell research, in order to generate a new generation of scientists dedicated to resolving open questions of glia-neuron interactions. We will offer young investigators high quality interdisciplinary projects that will be individually tailored and each will be supervised by two mentors. Our team of supervisors consists of leading experts in the field, including an industrial partner. EdU-GLIA is based upon current original and promising research models ranging from basic science to clinical application, and on the most advanced and sophisticated research techniques. To complement the research projects, we will offer the young scientists a rich selection of courses, workshops, guest lectures, and symposia. This program will not only provide insights into research techniques and paradigms complementary to the individual projects, but will also strengthen professional skills such as writing papers, presenting data, and ethical conduct, enhancing the career prospects of the fellows. In summary, the main objective of EdU-GLIA is to train promising young researchers for careers in basic as well as in translational research, including clinical application and industry.

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