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SUPramolEculaR functional nanoscale archItectures for Organic electronics: a host-driven network


SUPERIOR aims at providing top-quality cross-disciplinary and supra-sectoral training to a pool of promising young researchers, in an area at the interface between Supramolecular Chemistry, Materials- and Nano-Science, Physics and Electrical Engineering. SUPERIOR appointees will be formally trained in lecture courses, dedicated schools and workshops, and through an ambitious and carefully planned research activity that benefits both from the expertise of world-leading senior investigators and of younger and energetic PIs with remarkable track records in both training and research. SUPERIOR is designed to generate new scientific and technological knowledge by combining supramolecularly-engineered nanostructured materials (SENMs), mostly based on organic semiconductors, with tailor-made interfaces to solid substrates and electrodes, for fabricating prototypes of optoelectronic devices. We are particularly interested in developing multiscale SENMs for transistors (FETs), in-plane diodes single-photon emitters, and especially solar cells (PVDs) and organic light-emitting diodes, OLEDs. The specific training and research objectives are: 1. Supramolecular synthetic chemistry of electrically/optically 1D and 2D (macro)molecules 2. Hierarchical self-organisation of multifunctional SENMs at surfaces. Multiscale SPMs studies of physico-chemical properties 3. Time-resolved photophysical studies of single-molecules and SENMs 4. Time-resolved spectroscopy of materials and devices 5. Modelling the geometric and electronic structures and the optical properties of SENMs 6. Advanced devices processing/(nano)fabrication 7. Formation of controlled interfaces of SENMs with substrate and electrodes 8. Devices I: FETs: Measurement of charge mobility in stacks, also upon photodoping. 9. Devices II: PVDs – addressing the charge collection problem. 10. Devices III: Emissive devices - Single photon emitters and OLEDs 11. Dissemination and strategic development 12. Management

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Laurence Petin-Monteil (Ms.)
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