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Nano-Heater Systems for Thermal NanoManufacturing


Nanotechnology offers fertile grounds for research in new ideas to serve the society of knowledge. This project introduces novel reactive nano-heater concepts, based on the exothermic material transformation of thin film pairs, for localized, controlled heating in nanodevices and microsystems. Nano-heaters will offer an innovative and wide-ranging platform for creative basic and applied research in thermal nanotechnology, internationally a virgin field awaiting for European leadership contributions. The nano-heater sources could revolutionise manufacturing, and would be invaluable as on-board thermal actuation and autonomous power sources for the operation of numerous miniature devices, such as nano/microelectro mechanical systems (N/MEMS), nanomotors, biomedical devices etc.

Research goals thus arise to study novel nano-heater heterostructures, and to control and analyse their process-material-structure-thermal performance relation and properties interactions during their fabrication, ignition and reaction. The requisite methodology will include laboratory analysis, computational simulation and process control of materials fabrication for universal innovation and industry use. Although based at the Nanotechnology Research Centre of the University of Cyprus, t his Marie Curie Excellence project will be broadly shared across Europe, in collaboration with universities and industry and with team members from different EC states. The team initiatives will be pioneered by Prof. Claus Rebholz, possessing outstanding academic and industrial leadership and experience in conducting and administrating collaborative R&D projects between business/industry and the research base at Universities.

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