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Marketing with intelligent agents


The MIA project will develop several collections of Intelligent Agents that will enable various views to be obtained on data depositories. These programs will include semi-autonomous decision making agents, and as such represent an extremely ambitious and complex part of the MIA pilot project.
The work has been divided into three application stages, namely :
getting attention;
providing feedback;
exploiting collected data.
MIA will generate for the pilot end-user both business benefits and intangible benefits, among which:
automatic generation of customer prospect files;
automatic generation of customer interviews, with a corresponding reduction in cost and an improvement in feedback time to the development and design group;
reduced manpower costs due to automatic mail managing;
better customer service;
improved communication between sales and customer support.
In terms of impact on the scientific and the business community, MIA will allow addressing of the following topics:
how electronic agents fit with the re-engineering of marketing activities in large companies (development of call centers for pre-sales contacts and post-sales customers support services).;
how customers react to the use of intelligent agents in electronic commerce;
recommendations to companies for implementing intelligent agent in their marketing activities.
//OBJ_OBJ_TXT In the very dynamic market of light urban mobility (power two-wheelers, light transportation vehicles), it is of extreme importance to gather as much marketing information as possible on both actual and potential customer's requirements. The industry involved has the dual aims of improving its own internal economics while also providing greater customer satisfaction.
In the MIA project, the end-user, PIAGGIO V.E S.p.A. moves to the new paradigm of electronic commerce by applying the technology of Intelligent Software Agents. The MIA pilot will experiment the use of such Agents for Electronic Commerce both within the Commercial Organization of the User, and also across the Internet. The main goal of the pilot will thus be a realistic experiment with real players with verification of the application of Agents to real Electronic Commerce. Specific objectives and results of the project are :
increase the customer's attention and satisfaction;
increase brand awareness;
collect marketing-relevant data;
automatically handle customer queries;
analyze collected data;
advise on customer requirements.

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