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Gamma-ray bursts - Current and Future


Gamma-ray bursts (GRB) are one of the most energetic phenomena in Astrophysics, producing large energy releases at cosmological distances on very short time scales. Multiwavelength observations of these sources have the potential to tell us about the source, but the prompt and afterglow of GRBs fades very quickly and telescopes must be on target within seconds. Much has been learned and continues to be learned from the afterglows of GRBs, but we have now entered a new era with the successful launch of Fermi (formerly GLAST). Now it will be possible to measure the high energy emission of these sources.
This is a ground-breaking project in the study of GRBs with complementary aims in the short, medium and long term. All aspects of the project will run simultaneously with the emphasis shifting as time goes on. The three strands are necessary to ensure no gap in activity and a sucessful transition. (1) In the short to mid-term the applicant will continue her research into the multi-wavelength aspects of GRBs and their prompt emission with Fermi, Swift, INTEGRAL and collaborations in the follow-up community. (2) In the mid term, the applicant with involve herself more with the focusing experiments in the host institute. (3) In the long term, the applicant will get involved in the one of the proposed generation gamma-ray mission - GRIPS, with a few to developing the mission concept and keeping scientific output at the same time.

Please note that my EIF Marie Curie Fellowship ran from the 01/04/2006 until 31/03/2008 and this proposal was submitted on the 30/09/2008 - within the 6 month post MC Fellowship deadline.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Donal Doolan (Mr.)
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