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Advanced optoelectronic materials through dynamic combinatorial assembly


Electronically conducting organic materials could potentially revolutionize future opto-electronic technologies, because they are tunable at the molecular level, easily processable, cheap, mechanically flexible, and can form nanoscale structures through bottom-up supramolecular self-assembly. The combination of organic synthesis and supramolecular chemistry can play a crucial role in attaining all these goals, providing a gateway to structures of a high complexity at length scales where both classical organic synthesis and top-down engineering break down. Here, I propose a new approach to making semiconducting nanoscale structures with tunable properties through self-assembly of graphene subcomponents. Graphene, a flat, one-atom thick sheet of graphite, is likely to play a crucial role in nanotechnology, potentially replacing silicon in future electronic devices. Graphenoids have a tendency to form columnar superstructures leading to large conductivities and other interesting optoelectronic properties. The aim of this project is to synthesize graphenoids that are capable of forming reversible covalent bonds amongst each other, and study their hierarchal self-assembly into well-defined, large, multicomponent conducting organic structures through dynamic combinatorial assembly and subsequent directional aggregation. These graphene nanostructures will be studied using state-of-the-art techniques, and their device performance, in for instance solar cells or LEDs, will be investigated. It is expected that these nano-engineered materials will show improved performance stemming from their nano-scale order, functionalization and compartmentalization. By funding European nanoscience and knowledge-based multifunctional materials research, one of the priority themes of the Work Programme, this fellowship will contribute to enhance scientific excellence in the European Union and it will be a first and crucial step towards reintegration of a talented young European researcher.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Rogier Van Loghem
EU contribution
€ 45 000