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Organometallic anticancer complexes: novel mechanisms of action


Cancer is a major medical concern for European Citizens. The Community seeks greater coherence in European cancer research and seeks to build a joint European strategy to investigate and fight against cancer. Organometallic Chemistry in particular offers novel concepts in structural diversity and molecular recognition that can be applied to the design of novel anticancer drugs. The objective of this project is to synthesise and characterise metal arene anticancer complexes and study their redox reactions in the presence of DNA, peptides and proteins, because these kinds of complexes have the potential to take part in unusual redox reactions with biomolecules. This novel aspect of their biological chemistry will be explored.

The host institution is well equipped with state-of-the art equipment and facilities for the proposed project either directly within the School of chemistry in Edinburgh or the Centres associated: Edinburgh Protein Interaction Centre (EPIC), Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology (ICMB), Scottish Centre for Genomic Technology and Informatics (GTI), Collaborative Optical Spectroscopy and Micromanipulation Centre (COSMIC), Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (CSEC) and the Cancer Research UK Centre at the Western General Hospital. There are also links with industry. The success of this project will ultimately help Europe to compete at the highest international level in the field, and will increase European competitiveness.

The mobility to the host country under the supervision of Prof. Sadler and the visits to the laboratories of European collaborators, e.g. Prof Sava in Trieste and Prof. Brabec in Brno, will provide the applicant with a unique training for an independent future career in academia or industry. The programme will provide t he researcher with international academic and industrial links for future cooperation, an opportunity to acquire new cutting edge skills, and to participate in multicultural research teams.

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