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Cosmological Physics with future large-scale structure surveys


Future, large galaxy surveys (such as BOSS, DES, LSST, EUCLID, ADEPT etc.) will cover of the order of 10000 square degrees on the sky, with the primary science goal to unravel the nature of the physics responsible for the current accelerated expansion of the universe. This acceleration likely involves new physics which could imply ether a modification of our understanding of particles and fields (if the acceleration is caused by a new negative pressure-component) or a change in our understanding of space and time (by modifying Einstein's General Relativity laws). The unprecedented and exquisite data provided by these surveys will make possible also other interesting science with implications for fundamental physics (e.g. inflation, neutrino properties) and astrophysics (e.g. biasing, galaxy formation). The success of future large-scale galaxy surveys evidently requires a correct interpretation of their data. The current proposal, which benefits from the interaction of Cosmology, astrophysics and particle physics, aims at building up a set of robust tools to maximize the physics extracted from large-scale structure data. Such an interplay is mandatory to ensure a suitable modeling of the observables and a meaningful comparison with the theoretical predictions. The PI is involved with surveys such as BOSS, ADEPT and LSST and for the past year has been leading a working group with the goal of bringing together particle physicists and cosmology to better understand dark energy. The methods developed in the proposal presented here are expected to be used by the international community involved in future surveys. This would imply a big step for Spanish groups joining or even leading future Cosmology or Astro-particle physics projects.

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