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It tools for the manufacturing supply chain integration in the virtual corporation


Virtual enterprises composed of several SMEs with one of them acting as commercial leader, are increasingly present in sectors traditionally populated by large companies : automotion, aeronautics, utilities. Virtual enterprises present a combined offer of products and services which allow for increased credibility and a complete service for demanding customers.

The project objectives are to identify needs, and potential solutions for five SMEs wishing to implement innovative IT solutions into the supply chain of the virtual enterprises to which they belong. Other areas such as concurrent multisite engineering will also be analysed. The project is sponsored by a Regional Development Agency and a National Engineering Laboratory which will take charge of the dissemination activities within the regions, and of the exchange of experiences with other EU countries.

The project implementation will take place in the Basque Region in Spain. Five technologically active SMEs will join efforts and will follow the scheme proved in the project DonQ-CIM (EP8883):
- preparatory analysis activities to detect the real needs of each SME
- search for innovative tools able to satisfy their demands
- implementation plan design preparation
- assisted tool implementation

The whole process involves an assisted/managed implementation (demonstration) process for the SMEs, accepted as an efficient and effective means for real implementation and transfer of technologies to industrial SMEs.


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