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Dedicated growth of novel 1-dimensional materials for emerging nanotechnological applications

Final Report Summary - DEDIGROWTH (Dedicated growth of novel 1-dimensional materials for emerging nanotechnological applications)

Nanomaterials are being heralded as the next generation materials that will revolutionise societal challenges in the areas of energy and health care sectors. However, currently, the majority of new nanomaterials are only available in very minute quantities just enough to conduct fundamental research. Therefore, DEDIGROWTH was aiming to establish growth systematics for novel nanomaterials by studying individual components and parameters necessary for their formation in conjunction with more complex in situ studies of the growth processes. The long term goal was to understand their formation, design novel growth processes, and based on this design production facilities that allowed the semi-automated continous production of high-quality nanomaterials for their applications as sensor, heat-sinks, drug delivery systems, and multifunctional composite materials. Key to the success of DEDIGROWTH was the close colaboration with different internationally leading industries which allowed us to better understand the actual requirements for end-user applications. The long-term impact of DEDIGROWTH will be fostered by the newly formed SME Oxford Nano.