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Research Infrastructures and the Regional Dimension of ERA


The sixth Conference relating to Research Infrastructures entitled „Research Infrastructures and the Regional Dimension of ERA” will take place in Prague on 24-25 March 2009, under the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU. It is expected to have this event for around 300 participants. The importance of excellent research infrastructures throughout Europe is being more and more imminent. Nevertheless, it is still important to show these benefits from different angles. There is still a gap existing between the new member states and the rest of Europe in the terms of research infrastructures. The objective of this conference is to motivate policy makers to pay real attention to a strategic approach towards member states policies in the field of research infrastructures, to motivate member states to coordinate their policies and as a main goal, to show the need to develop a European policy and priorities in the field of research infrastructures including the capacities of all member states in a concerted way. The conference should answer, or at least establish discussion on the main issues dealing with the problems of new member states in the field of research infrastructures. This conference wants to exploit the good examples of already existing solutions to the development of research infrastructures throughout Europe. The existence of excellent research infrastructures leads to the competitiveness of those regions. Every research infrastructure is a natural knowledge triangle. In this frame the research infrastructures contribute to the development of human resources in the region, to technology transfer in the region and to the production of knowledge in the region. The first part of the conference has for its aim to establish a proof for this statement. The second part of the conference tackles themes about the application of this statement to praxis.

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