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Understanding the determinants of the intergenerational transmission of inequality


Understanding the dynamics of social inequalities is a key step in the elaboration of adequate policies to equalize life chances in Europe. This project concentrates on measuring the intergenerational transmission of economic status in European countries, and assessing its causes. Its main objective is to determine the extent to which characteristics of the social and family background influence individual socio-economic success, in particular labour market outcomes and educational attainment.

To achieve these objectives, this project will first focus on refining and extending the description and measurement of intergenerational mobility, by examining the influence of maternal input on individual socio-economic outcomes, by providing a long-run assessment of earnings dynamics over three generations and by analysing the transmission of asset holdings across generations and the influence of bequests on individual success. Second, it will concentrate on the analysis of the causal mechanisms that are responsible for the intergenerational transmission of inequality. Several inter-related factors are likely to account for the observed social and economic (im) mobility patterns.

Available evidence usually lacks a clear structural interpretation. This project will examine the causal impact of parental education and earnings on individual socio-economic status. It will use microeconomic survey data and relevant empirical methods (including quasi-natural experiments) to identify the causal mechanisms at work.

The intergene rational transmission of inequality is a multi-faceted topic that calls for a multidisciplinary approach. The main training objective of this proposal is to provide me with an opportunity to develop multidisciplinary interactions. This project also require s the implementation of specific econometric tools and this mobility project would allow me to develop the relevant skills for the implementation of these methods.

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