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Large-scale CCS Transportation infrastructure in Europe


All ongoing projects on CO2 transport are focusing on CO2 coming from power plants having their own CO2 capture process. No single project considers multiple different smaller sources. The technical problems involved are different, due to the multiple combination of fumes and CO2 mixtures; further, the need of a low pressure pooling network adds additional complexity to the problem. The objective of this project is to study the particular problem involved in combining such small emitters. Some geographical zones are already considering grouping the fumes collected from different emitters in order to reduce treatment costs. This is the case for the Le Havre (France) and Rotterdam (Netherlands) CCS projects. Both could be part of a future CCS demonstration projects network. Flue gases could stream to common CO2 capture facilities, and CO2 could be collected and shipped at a large scale to storage sites. In COCATE we address safety, lifetime and economic issues, in order to fill and explore the following technological gaps: -Impurities: thermodynamic studies -Corrosion: coatings, impurities impact, modelling -Dynamic transport instabilities, simulation tool, modelling: network management -Simulation of critical onshore and offshore failure predicting flow behaviour and environmental impact (high pressure), physical modelling: risk assessment -Applicable macro and micro economical business models. The project deliverables will directly support companies (both technically and through a risk framework) that will have to apply CCS processes. This will be achieved by a strong link between research organisations and industries from 4 EU countries and 1 CSLF country. The application of different export scenarios based on Le Havre and Rotterdam real cases, considering pipes or boats and different storage sites, will generate guidelines for small emitters and will support the ongoing CCS South African projects actually focused only on capture and storage problems.

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