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Theoretical and experimental analysis of the critical phenomena in magnetically nano-engineered superconductors


In the last decade, hybrid nanostructures incorporating super-conducting (SC) and ferromagnetic (FM) metal components have become one of the most interesting study objects. The exciting new feature of SC/FM hybrids is the competition between ferromagnetism and superconductivity, representing two antitheses in condensed matter physics (CMT), which is of abiding interest in fundamental and applied materials science. The aim of this project is to investigate a new class of phenomena, based on interaction between FMs and SCs when brought together within a nanometre scale. For this purpose, the applicant, M. Milosevic from Antwerp (Belgium) intends to spend two years in the Experimental Nanosciences Group of Prof. Simon Bending in Bath (UK), and receive extensive training ranging from a detailed acquaintance with experimental techniques to learning new computational and analytical approaches developed in Bath CMT Group.

Within this study, the applicant will consider both theoretically and experimentally the novel quantum ground state and kinetic properties of SC/FM hybrids, such as SC-films with embedded magnetic nano-clusters, SC/FM multilayers, and submicron size hybrid circuits. In the long term, new emergent quantum phenomena will be found and understanding of the physics involved will eventually lead to novel guiding principles for enhancing the material and device functionalities via combining the specific properties of ferromagnets and superconductors.

The realization of the project objectives in the world-recognized group of Prof. Bending will enable the applicant to gain formal scientific independence and permanent position at the University of Antwerp. The auxiliary training, especially its experimental part, will be crucial for the future independent career of the researcher. In addition, the applicant will serve in future as a link in the cooperation of the University of Antwerp with the University of Bath and his native University of Belgrade, Serbia (YU).

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