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Gauge string dualities and random matrix models


String Theory has been until now the most successful candidate to solve one of the most difficult challenges of theoretical physics: unify General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics in a consistent theory of Quantum Gravity. In recent years Super-symmetric Yang-Mills theories (SYM) have played one of the most important role to understand non-perturbative aspects of fundamental objects in String Theory through the use of powerful symmetries called "dualities". In the last 3 years very important aspects of SYM have been revealed through an unexpected duality with random matrix models. At the same time it has been discovered that these models are in one to one correspondence with certain invariants of non-compact Calabi-Yau (CY) geometries.

These astounding results suggest a chain of dualities that will shed light on low-energy non-perturbative effects in SYM. These will be of extreme interests not only in relation to String Theory but also in order to better understand strong nucleai interaction. These correspondences are far from complete though. Only a limited number of matrix models have shown such a property. The proposed project aims at generalize the gauge-matrix and matrix-CY dualities and take full advantage of them in order to better understand SYM non-perturbative aspects. The role of random matrix theory plays a central role in this respect and will be extensively used to reach the final objective.

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