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Cryptographic security of wireless sensor networks


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are a new technology that may soon revolutionize several aspects of our life. WSNs consist of a big number of cheap sensor nodes that are connected with wireless links. Their aim is to jointly provide global information a bout some territory (basing on the local data). We are going to apply novel methods of cryptography in order to enhance the security of WSNs. The applicant is an expert in the former field, while the host research group consists of experts in the latter. Investigations of the cryptographic security of WSNs started very recently (3--4 years ago). We want to do it differently, and better. We plan to utilize those cryptographic methods that were not yet used in this context (or their use started very recently).

In particular we will use the methods related to the Secure Multiparty Computations (MPC). Thus, our project has a truly multidisciplinary character. We plan to concentrate on the following problems in WSNs: secure routing, secure data aggregation and secure key establishment. These problems are topics of active research in several scientific institutes around the world. Some researchers have very recently observed that the MPC methods may be applied here, but nobody investigated it deeply.

The added value of the project includes the following.
(1) We believe that combining the expertise in cryptography with the knowledge of WSNs will have a synergizing effect and we expect to obtain interesting and nontrivial results.
(2) The applicant will receive training in the areas related to the applications of cryptography (so far, he was specializing in the theoretical aspects of this field).
(3) After the project is finished, the fellow will bring the acquired knowledge back to his university, where currently no research on WSNs is conducted.

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