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Textile production and supply electronic chain


TERPSICHORE will create a supply and production chain in the volatile (seasonal) environment of high fashion men/ladies' wool garment manufacturing. The process addressed encompasses spinning, weaving, dying/finishing and ready made clothing in a typical multi-site multi-supplier international environment. A group of three SME end users, (each one representative of one of the key phases of the whole textile production process); already linked by commercial interests, joins together in a consortium to develop and test together common communication infrastructures which integrate their own production planning tools to achieve a quick response system.

The different local factories will be seen not as isolated realities communicating each other though conventional media (fax and phone), but instead as a unique cellular system where, whilst each cell operates to achieve its best advantages, it cooperates to improve the overall performance of the whole system in terms of quality, costs and time response. Specialists of communication networking integrate their competencies with planning and scheduling experts to offer the blend of information technology knowledge needed for developing the pilot.

Whilst the primary objectives of the end-users is to improve the management of their own production processes, and the interaction with their suppliers and customers, the results achieved in this project on communication infrastructures, protocols, clients and servers on Internet, and on integration tools for local scheduling systems are expected to be made fully available to other textile end-users with the intent to promote a standardisation and to open the consortium to the whole European textile community. Summarising, the project will concentrate on four aspects:

- establishment of a secure electronic network for data and application sharing;
- re-engineering of the partners' business processes to take best advantage of the network;
- integration of the partners' production scheduling systems into a distributed system operating over their various sites;
- dissemination of the results to the end-users' customers and suppliers to create a Europe-wide network.

TERPSICHORE will improve the present textile technology by revising systematically the whole process chain using IT.

TERPSICHORE is an end-user driven project. The impetus behind the development comes from the final SME end-users of the system, the garment manufacturer, weaver and spinner BEZI, LDT and LEUZE. Apart from the end-users and manufacturers, the Consortium also includes a University (Politecnico di Torino) specialised in Networking and Communication and a Software House (MJC2) specialised in Business Re-engineering and Distributed Scheduling.

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