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Electronic sales and marketing for small and medium sized enterprises


El SME key trading facilities are Electronic advertising, Marketing analysis tools, Electronic packaging, Electronic ordering & delivery, Electronic contract generation, Electronic payment, Royalty redistribution, Copyright protection.
EL SME incorporates four main components: EL MALL, EL SHOP, EL OFFICE and EL CLIENT.
"EL Mall" provides a virtual centre where SMEs can market their business activities, the "EL Shop" allows goods and digital materials to be traded, the "EL Office" allows services to be contracted and the "EL Client" allows customers to visit, compare, order, contract and pay for goods, digital material and services.
The above facilities are designed to support both "InterTrade" and "IntraTrade", thus allowing trade to take place both on an open market with independent parties and in a closed market within a virtual trade company composed of SMEs.
//OBJ_OBJ_TXT EL SME stands for "Electronic Sales & Marketing for Small & Medium sized Enterprises". It provides small & medium enterprises with effective electronic means to market and trade their goods, their digital materials and their services. It also enables small & medium size enterprises to trade, in an integrated way, with both its customers and its suppliers.


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1508 Howald

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