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ATTN focuses on initiating, supporting and disseminating results of activities in simulation and design, data and information management, software tools for application development, and fast networking. Awareness campaigns will be carried out in areas of relevance to Austrian industry. Activities will spread the use of simulation applications, particularly in small businesses. Support will be given to use of programming tools for application development. Further activities will include applying new solution methods, such as genetic algorithms and neural networks, and new application areas, particularly in multimedia and multimedia databases. Experience in using workstation clusters with ATM technology will be shared.


Vereinigung der Kooperativen Forschungsinstitute der Oesterr. Wirtschaft
Eschenbachgasse 11
1010 Vienna

Participants (1)

European Centre for Parallel Computing at Vienna, Institute for Software Technology and Parallel Systems
Liechtensteinstr 22
1090 Vienna