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Scoping China’s Environmental Research Excellence and major Infrastructure: Foresight, Potentials, and Roadmaps


Study on Criteria for Chinese Researchers of Environmental Area

Author(s): Wang Hui; Zhang Ying; Niu Zhi-guang
Published in: Published by Elsevier B.V. Procedia Environmental Sciences 2011
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1016/j.proenv.2011.09.158

Status and challenges of water pollution problems in China: learning from the European experience

Author(s): Jing Su; Beidou Xi; Shouliang Huo; Yun Zhou; Fanghua Hao; Jieyun Wu; Soon-Thiam Khu
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1007/s12665-013-3042-3