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Content archived on 2024-06-18

Impact Measurement and Performance Analysis of CSR


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assumes greater practical significance and political relevance in the EU. A central concern is the extent to which CSR delivers benefits for economies, societies and the environment, providing a business contribution to the EU’s policies for growth, competitiveness, better jobs (Lisbon Strategy) and sustainable development (Gothenburg strategy). By contrast there is little empirical evidence on the impacts of CSR practices on company performance and the wider economy, or the social and environmental fabric of Europe, its nations and regions. There are no widely applied tools and methods that provide valid and representative assessments of the impacts of CSR. The IMPACT project addresses these gaps in knowledge. The project uses a common conceptual framework to develop and apply tools that enable assessment and comparison of CSR impacts – at micro (company), meso (sectoral and regional) and macro levels (nations states and EU). Indicators will be developed to assess the contribution of CSR impacts on EU policy objectives, for growth, competitiveness (including innovation), quality of jobs and environmental sustainability. A large-scale inter- and transdisciplinary empirical investigation will be carried out using four complementary methods: econometric analysis, company case studies, an analysis of different company and industrial networks and a Delphi study. All studies focus on five sectors important across the EU-27. The results will be synthesised and triangulated with each other. A foresight study will estimate ex ante future impacts of CSR. Recommendations will be addressed to policy-makers, especially those dealing with the CSR and the Lisbon and Gothenburg Strategies, also business leaders, CSR practitioners, civil society and the research and education community. Outputs include a handbook on CSR impact assessment tools, a comprehensive description of European CSR impacts to date and policy recommendations.

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