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The role of organized civil society for the governance of transition in the Czech Republic


This project, hosted by the DPSP and by CESES (Charles University Prague), is on limits and opportunities to the emergence of new forms of sub-national governance in the Czech Republic. It is on the prospects for joint policy-making, public-private partner ships, and territorial and functional forms of subsidiarity and partnership and deals with forms of participatory governance in the design, the management and the implementation of structural policies.
Three main objectives are envisaged.
(1) Analysis of t he interdependence and the strategic behaviour between public and private organizations in the handling of structural policies both domestically and sub-nationally. Methods used will be opinion surveys and the more innovative tool of empirical network analysis. The samples are formed by representatives of organizations such as public administration, interest groups, social, gender, environmental and ethnic movements. Field work will be carried out twice commencing during the first year of work and another time after two subsequent years.
(2) In between these periods, participants of the samples will be drawn into the project and be confronted with the results of the first wave of inquiry. They will be asked to comment on the role and position their organization has obtained in the analysis and about ways to improve both their individual standing and the collective setting altogether. This will contribute to an improvement of strategic capacity and of (inter-) organizational adaptation.
(3) Drawing from co-evolutionary and organizational ecology research, the project is strongly inter-disciplinary. Its results will be confronted with those of adjacent FP6-projects currently underway. Discussions and exchanges of views with members of these adjacent networks wil l help generalizing from these experiences and contribute to both the consolidation of the European Research Area and the improvement of current political practices in Europe and in the Czech Republic.

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