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Injecting spins into silicon


The project aims at investigating the injection mechanisms of spin-polarized electrons into silicon. The final goal is to demonstrate new capabilities of silicon as a spintronic material. Indeed, this will lead to new silicon-based devices with functionalities such as magnetic random access memories (MRAM), re-programmable logic devices, etc. In this study, a new hybrid structure will be used as a test device a spin injector as well as a spin detector. These are two electrodes each of them is constituted of a metallic ferromagnet as a spin source, a silicon substrate and a dielectric tunnel barrier in between. Unlike most works done on this subject, we propose to use silicon as the semiconductor channel, instead of compound semiconductors (e.g. gallium arsenide). The main advantage of silicon is its high spin diffusion length at room temperature which is in the order of a few microns. This allows studies with micron-sized devices that can be readily fabricated using the standard silicon technology.The project involves the microfabrication of test devices, their electrical characterizations, magneto-transport measurements and spin transport modelling. The project takes place in the framework of a more ambitious research program supported by a French national fund and involving three academic research institutes as well as two companies, one of them is a major semiconductor manufacturer. The aim of this program is to provide a silicon-based pre-industrial MRAM prototype. The work proposed in this project will contribute in providing the scientific basis to this wider research program. The combination of the excellent qualifications of the candidate in the field of magnetic materials, fabrication technology and magneto-transport mechanisms, with the widely-acknowledged experience of the host institute in spintronics, provide a unique potential to the success of such an ambitious project.

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