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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Modelling multimedia fate and exposure of organic chemicals


The training program is for Dr. Gertje Czub, a very talented young researcher who has developed a unique bioaccumulation model to predict human tissue levels of organic contaminants from their concentrations in the physical environment. The training program consists of two research topics. The goal of the first topic is to assemble, evaluate, and apply a bioaccumulation model to predict human tissue levels of brominated flame retardants from their levels in the physical environment. To achieve this the mod el created by the applicant will be further developed by enhancing the description of pharmacokinetics and adding a new module to describe exposure via inhalation of particles. After an intensive evaluation for PBDEs the model will be linked to a multimedia fate model and used to evaluate how human tissue levels of PBDEs and other flame retardants can be expected to respond to different emissions scenarios in the future. The second topic will investigate the hypothesis that shelf sediments, the primary global sink of persistent organic pollutants, are an important secondary source of these chemicals that markedly increases their residence time in the environment. An existing state-of-the-art regional multimedia fate model will be modified to accommodate a dynamic model of the organic carbon cycle in marine coastal waters that the applicant will develop. Following evaluation of the modified multimedia fate model using PCBs as test chemicals, model experiments will be conducted to see how varying the shelf sediment properties influences overall chemical fate. A third component of the training program will give the applicant new skills in teaching and supervising students. This rounds out a program that is carefully matched to the applicant's needs and that exploits the unique possibilities at Stockholm University. With the experience gained in this project, the talented applicant will be well prepared for a successful independent research career.

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