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Enhancing BSRC Al. Fleming research potential in genomics and proteomics applications


BSRC Al. Fleming is the most rapidly developing research center in Greece. It started its operation under an interim administrative board in 1998 and develops research programs at the cutting edge of modern biomedical sciences. The aim of this project is to reinforce and enhance the scientific research potential of the BSRC Al. Fleming in the areas of functional genomics and proteomics. This aim stems from the fact that while over the past years BSRC Al. Fleming has established a strong base in a number of biological disciplines, realization of its full potential as a leading center in European biomedical sciences requires support in new generation high-throughput sequencing and proteomics technologies. The Action Plan of this proposal includes: a. Upgrading BSRC Al. Fleming’s genomics and proteomics facilities; b. Recruitment of experienced researchers and repatriation of a high-profile Greek scientist; c. Developing strategic partnerships with centers of excellence in genomics and proteomics field; d. Organization of Workshops and Conference to facilitate transfer of knowledge at regional and international level.

Call for proposal

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Fleming Street 34
16672 Vari-athens
Activity type
Research Organisations
EU contribution
€ 1 425 000
Administrative Contact
George Kollias (Dr.)