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Strengthening and Sustaining the European Perspectives of Molecular Biotechnology in Lithuania


MoBiLi is a support action to strengthen the research capacities and to mobilize human resources in molecular biotechnology at the Institute of Biotechnology (IBT) Vilnius, Lithuania. Modern molecular biotechnology is a multidisciplinary research arena that integrates structural knowledge at different levels into cellular contexts to underpin biomedical questions. Such a multidisciplinary approach is crucial not only for our understanding of basic life processes but also is vital for characterizing the molecular basis of many diseases and the development of novel specifically tuned therapies and diagnostic tools. Lithuania strives to increase its RTD potential esp. in biotechnology but needs significant support to integrate into European Research Area (ERA). The purpose of the MoBiLi project is to build up scientific excellence and human potential of IBT thereby transforming it into an excellence centre in molecular biotechnology and a significant player in the ERA. The major objectives of the MoBiLi project are as follows: i) human capital building field of state-of-the-art molecular biotechnology; ii) networking of IBT with major centres of excellence in the EU; iii) upgrading and modernisation of research infrastructure in line with emerging thematic priorities in biomedical research.

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€ 1 603 788,74
01513 Vilnius

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Leonas Pasakarnis (Mr.)
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