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New Designs of Ecological Furnaces


The general objective of the EDEFU project consists in developing new technologies of heating, new refractory materials to improve heat insulations and new designs for innovating recovery systems for residues for industrial furnaces in Non ferrous metals, glass, ceramics and cement industries. The evaluation of the success of the project will be realised through the validation of real scale demonstrators and prototypes integrating the new above mentioned technologies.

Thanks to the project the following improvements are expected: 20% reduction in energy consumption is expected compared with current systems, zero particle emission in the atmosphere and the transformation of heat in usable energies, the reduction of at least 50% in the generation of residues through innovating recovery system of residues and reusability of the 100% of the generated CO. These developments, will allow to the generation of new furnaces with greater energetic efficiency and a minimal environmental footprint.

In addition these new technologies will allow reaching efficient operating conditions: reduction of times of fusion, minor power consumption in zones of maintenance and energy storage.
On th emonger term, the project will grealty contribute to increase the competitiveness of the Foundry, Glass, Cement and Ceramic industries often economically unfavoured by new environmental regulations on the European Industry.

The obtained results will be of direct applications in the mentioned industries and can be indirectly applied to other sectors like automotive, aeronautics, railway industries. The four mentioned target industries actually contirbute to produce components for vehicles (engine aluminium block), construction (cement for buildings), ceramic bricks, floor tiles, porcelain, urban furnitures,, food industry (cabbage-cutters, beaters) and electronics: housing, connectors, electrical sector, cables, subjections of electrical laying.

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