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Sustainable e-Infrastructures across Europe and India

Project description

Studies, conferences and coordination actions supporting policy development in the context of international cooperation for e-Infrastructures

EU-IndiaGrid2, capitalising on the achievements of the FP6 EU-IndiaGrid (EUIG1) project and huge developments in India on infrastructure and leveraging the expertise and experience obtained by its partners during EUIG1, will continue the momentum, attained in e-Infrastructures evolution in Europe and India, to create and ensure sustainable collaboration in many new areas of science, education and technology across the two regions.EU-IndiaGrid2 main objectives are to:O1)\tconsolidate & enhance cooperation between European and Indian e-Infrastructures for the benefit of EU-Indian collaboration in e-Science EU-IndiaGrid2 will make full use of the EUIG1 project achievements and of the strong cooperation links established with the foremost European and Indian e-Infrastructure initiatives paving the way for successful sustainable cooperation across European and Indian e-Infrastructures.O2)\tsupport a set of new grid applications in areas strategic for EU-Indian collaboration EU-IndiaGrid2 will support a set of applications in the domain of Climate Change, High energy Physics, Biology, Material Science which are considered strategic for EU-Indian collaboration in the ICT domain.O3)\tensure a sustainable approach to e-Infrastructures across Europe and India through dissemination actions, meetings & workshops EU-IndiaGrid2 will continue supporting the Roadmap for Sustainability outlined by the EUIG1 project relying on the progress towards objectives O1 and O2 and on targeted dissemination actions, meetings and eventsO4)\tfoster and enhance cooperation with other European Initiatives in the Asian region and worldwide EU-IndiaGrid2 will continue the strong cooperation links established by EUIG1 with the most relevant projects and institutions e.g. EGEE/EGI, GEANT and the major Indian e-Infrastructure Initiatives as GARUDA NGI and NKN. It will also cooperate with regional projects like EELA2, EuAsiaGrid, SEEGRID and, if approved the EUMEDSupport and EUChinaGrid2 proj

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