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Development and Application of Laser Diagnostic Techniques for Combustion Studies


This project is directed towards development of new laser diagnostic techniques and a deepened physical understanding of more established techniques, aiming at new insights in phenomena related to combustion processes. These non-intrusive techniques with high resolution in space and time, will be used for measurements of key parameters, species concentrations and temperatures. The techniques to be used are; Non-linear optical techniques, mainly Polarization spectroscopy, PS. PS will mainly be developed for sensitive detection with high spatial resolution of "new" species in the IR region, e.g. individual hydrocarbons, toxic species as well as alkali metal compounds. Multiplex measurements of these species and temperature will be developed as well as 2D visualization. Quantitative measurements with high precision and accuracy; Laser induced fluorescence and Rayleigh/Raman scattering will be developed for quantitative measurements of species concentration and 2D temperatures. Also a new technique will be developed for single ended experiments based on picosecond LIDAR. Advanced imaging techniques; New high speed (10-100 kHz) visualization techniques as well as 3D and even 4D visualization will be developed. In order to properly visualize dense sprays we will develop Ballistic Imaging as well as a new technique based on structured illumination of the area of interest for suppression of multiple scattering which normally cause blurring effects. All techniques developed above will be used for key studies of phenomena related to various combustion phenomena; turbulent combustion, multiphase conversion processes, e.g. spray combustion and gasification/pyrolysis of solid bio fuels. The techniques will also be applied for development and physical understanding of how combustion could be influenced by plasma/electrical assistance. Finally, the techniques will be prepared for applications in industrial combustion apparatus, e.g. furnaces, gasturbines and IC engines

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MAX IV Laboratory, Lund University
Paradisgatan 5c
22100 Lund

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Södra Sverige Sydsverige Skåne län
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Principal investigator
Lars Eric Marcus Aldén (Prof.)
Administrative Contact
Teresia Rindefjåll (Ms.)
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