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Trustworthy Eternal Systems via Evolving Software, Data and Knowledge

Project description

Coordinating Communities, Plans and Actions in FET Proactive Initiatives

Latest research work within ICT has allowed to pinpoint the most important and urgently required features that future systems should have to meet users' needs. Accordingly, methods making systems capable of adapting to changes in user requirements and application domains are key research areas.
Adaptation and evolution depend on several dimensions like time, location, and security conditions, expressing the diversity of the context in which systems operate. A design based on an effective management of these dimensions constitutes a remarkable step towards the realization of Trustworthy Eternal Systems.
The EternalS Coordination Action (CA) specifically aims at coordinating research in that area based on research task forces together with community building activities, where the organization of workshops and conferences is just one of the tools used to conduct the CA. EternalS creates the conditions for mutual awareness and cross-fertilization among the four "ICT Forever Yours" projects LivingKnowledge, HATS, Connect and SecureChange.
These projects conduct research in key ICT areas: (i) automatic learning within systems capable of analysing knowledge and diversity with respect to their complex semantic interactions and evolution over time and (ii) exploitation of formal methods for the design and networking of adaptive and evolving software systems, where security policies and a fully connected environment represent fundamental properties of effective present and future systems.
Thanks to the indirect participation of the above mentioned projects, EternalS will involve many researchers from both academic and industrial world. This will allow for (a) thoroughly studying the dimensions of eternal systems such as diversity & time awareness and self-adaptation & evolution by automatic learning, in fields of relevance, i.e. knowledge, software, and networked and secure systems and (b) writing the roadmap for interesting and successful future emerging techn

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