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Virtual User Concept for Supporting Inclusive Design of Consumer Products and User Interfaces


Supporting inclusive product design with virtual user models at the early stages of product development

Author(s): #N/D

Including user needs in product development: Presentation held at Joint CEWIT-TZI-acatech Workshop “ICT meets Medicine and Health” ICTMH 2013, March 19-20, 2013, Bremen, Germany

Author(s): Modzelewski, Markus; Lawo, Michael; Kirisci, Pierre; O'Connor, Joshue; Fennell, Antoinette; Mohamad, Yehya; Matiouk, Svetlana; Valle-Klann, Markus; Gökmen, Haluk

Virtual user concept for inclusive design of consumer products and user interfaces

Author(s): Yehya Mohamad; Pierre T. Kirisci; Carlos A. Velasco; Jaroslav Pullmann; Michael Lawo
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1007/978-3-642-21663-3_9

Application of abstract user models as customer involvement in product development

Author(s): Modzelewski, Markus; Lawo, Michael; Mohamad, Yehya; Matiouk, Svetlana

Supporting Inclusive Design of Mobile Devices with a Context Model

Author(s): Antoinette Fennell; Markus Klann; Klaus-Dieter Thoben; Thomas Bergdahl; Michael Lawo; Patrick Klein; Thomas Fiddian; Pierre T. Kirisci; Yehya Mohamad; Edmilson Klen; Haluk Gökmen; Martin Hilbig; Joshue O'Connor; Markus Modzelewski
Published in: InTech Advances and Applications in Mobile Computing 2012
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.5772/38344

Towards standardisation of user models for simulation and adaptation purposes

Author(s): Nikolaos Kaklanis; Dimitrios Tzovaras; Matthias Peissner; C. Jung; Patrick Langdon; Yehya Mohamad; Pradipta Biswas; M. F. Gonzalez
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1007/s10209-014-0371-2