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Content archived on 2024-06-25

COnceptual MOdelling DEsign: experimentation and implementation of a new conceptual design method

Final Activity Report Summary - COMODE (Conceptual modelling design: experimentation and implementation of a new conceptual design method)

The COMODE project fundamental aim was to pursue the development of an original design framework based on topologic principles and dimensional analysis theory. Consequently, the three fundamental objectives of the COMODE project were consisting of doing an extensive experimentation process, a compilation and selection of appropriate quantitative data, an implementation of the developed methodology in the form of a computer program. All these objectives have been processed according to the time table.

The extensive experimentation process has been done first. The collection of practical case has also been completed during the first year. The experimental phase with young designers has been implemented using students has study group. The results have demonstrated that the approach was very useful in order to summarise and compact complex design problems. A prototype software based on the CES4 software from Granta Design has been developed and applied to the selection of a new technology used for providing electricity to a new type of vehicle.

The project has resulted in 19 publications (2 accepted journal publication, 1 submitted journal publication, 1 article in a collective book and 15 articles in international conferences with reading comities and publications in proceedings). We have one pending patent and prototype software that we expect to commercialise in the future.

The project has also provided for the trainee the ability to co-supervise two PhD theses (Tanja Saarelainen and François Christophe), three master theses and four bachelor theses. Several research agreements have been signed linked with the COMODE project during the two years (Tsukuba University, Ilmenau University, Ecole Centrale Nantes, Ecole Centrale Paris).

The COMODE project is actually followed by two other research projects of three years financed by the Helsinki University of Technology and by Finnish Academy of Sciences. Eric Coatanéa has applied on a professorship in our laboratory and has been selected for the job by the selection board of HUT. At the moment industrial contact are developed and the technology developed during the project has raised interest of companies such as Peugeot-Citroën and Bosch.