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European Asia-Pacific Cooperation on ICT Research

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International Cooperation

One of Europe's most important ideals and foundation is the single market. The single market is not limited to the free flow of goods and services. It also includes the free flow of ideas. ICT research is uniquely positioned to play an important role in globally promoting the single market for ideas through international research cooperation.International research cooperation, however, has to be strategically coordinated to fully exploit its inherent benefits. EURASIAPAC aims at developing a concrete EU-ASIA-PACIFIC ICT Cooperation Strategy to provide this necessary strategic thrust for the European ICT research cooperation with the target countries Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.Building on previous initiatives, e.g. COJAK or ASIACOOP, the consortium will carry out an extensive information gathering effort. This will consist of an in-depth survey of Europe's and the target countries' ICT research environment regarding research and cooperation priorities as well as on six thematic workshops. These activities will provide the knowledge-base for drafting the ICT Cooperation Strategy, which will directly address the EC and national governments. It will provide guidelines and recommendations for actions with respect to the design of effective funding programs to promote international cooperation in ICT research.Additionally the consortium will address scientists by establishing a Cooperation Portal acting as a tool for researchers to initiate international ICT collaborative research ventures. The Cooperation Portal will use the information gathered for developing the Cooperation Strategy. The information will be processed and presented in an interactive Wiki format, which can be easily accessed by researchers and easily updated.EURASIAPAC therefore, promotes international ICT research cooperation from the macro- and the micro-level, policy and research respectively, increasing the exploitation potential and realization of cooperation potentials.

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