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Content archived on 2024-06-18

Photosynthetic control of plant disease resistance mechanisms


The widest applied strategy of plant protection against pathogens is the treatment with chemicals. We can reduce their usage by taking advantage of natural plant abilities. Proposed project is based on the observation that exposure of plants to high illumination promotes inhibition of some pathogen growth.

The project is innovative since the mechanisms of plant resistance induced by excess light (EL) are not yet dissected and exploited for practical purpose. The MC Fellow will use a multidisciplinary approach (physiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics) to investigate how exposure to EL brings about a molecular switch in the mechanism of resistance to pathogen infection/attack.

The collaboration with the experienced research team of Stockholm University will ensure generation of the new knowledge and personal development of the talented and dedicated MC Fellow.

The main research objectives in PLANT RESISTANCE are
-To determine the type, extent and duration of resistance response to pathogens induced in plants by EL;
-To analyse the role of photosynthesis in promoting the switch in resistance mechanisms and genetic dissection of the key signalling events involved;
-To build the basis for exploitation of the EL-induced resistance in plant protection.

With the understanding of the mechanisms of light induced resistance we can develop new methods of plant protection: new energy efficient illumination systems and programs for industrial cultivation/propagation of plants, instead of chemical treatments.

Consequently, it can raise the quality of European agriculture produce, with benefits for human health and the environment. Therefore, enriched with new knowledge and experience the MC Fellow will raise her job prospects in a variety of academia and industrial positions.

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