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Green enantioselctive catalyst for continuous asymmetric precesses in supercritical fluids


This Proposal is for M. Sokolova to undertake additional research training and knowledge transfer in a leading university in Spain. M. Sokolova is a talented young Estonian scientist who, during her research experience, has demonstrated herself to be imaginative, resourceful and hardworking.

The Primary Scientific Aim is to combine and merge new methodologies and technologies to create new platforms for conducting environmentally friendly asymmetric synthesis. We propose bring together new multifunctional materials tailored at the molecular and nanoscopic level as heterogeneous asymmetric catalysis with non-conventional media to develop continuous asymmetric process.

The two concepts to be explored are
- catalytic reaction in restricted spaces, with the supp ort playing an active role in the stereodiscrimination mechanisms,
- SCFs tuning effect on the chemo-, regio-, and stereo-selectivity of the chemical reactions.
The combination of both will change radically how asymmetric synthesis is carried out and will eliminate the need for environmentally harmful organic solvents (VOCs).

The Primary Training Aim is to provide to M. Sokolova new skills in organic synthesis and material science and strengthen, at the same time, her knowledge in SCFs and high-pressure chemistry, thereby addressing the current shortage of trained scientists in the area of Green Chemical. The project is in topic of the NMP workplan Mastering Chemistry and amp creating new pathways for multifunctional materials and complements the proposed RTN CLEAN-OX.

It will also strengthen both Estonian and Spanish capabilities in the area of greener, more sustainable chemistry. In addition, the nature and scientific content of our project will lead directly to major economic, environmental and societal benefits for the EU.

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