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De Sitter vacua in string theory


The aim of this proposal is the study of the classical and quantum properties of String Theory vacua. The motivation for such an analysis is twofold. One is the remarkable recent cosmological evidence for a positive Cosmological Constant of an inexplicably small value.

The other is the challenging time ahead for High Energy Physics when the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at C.E.R.N. will become operational in the near future. In both cases the experimental data that are coming or going to come can be seen as a crash-test for the relation of String Theory to our physical reality. Our main focus in this proposal is to address the issue of soft supersymmetry breaking by studying de Sitter like vacua in String Theory.

The approach that we intend to follow is to analyze lower-dimensional effective theories, i.e. gauged Supergravities, and to determine under which conditions classically stable de Sitter vacua arise. The next step is to use this information to establish which ingredients are required in the original fundamental String Theory. At the same time, we intend to focus on the so-called dS/CFT correspondence.

This can be decisive in solving the puzzle of a consistent definition of Quantum Field Theory on de Sitter space. It is also intimately connected with Cosmology as it advocates the possibility to model the cosmological evolution by the RG flow in a 3D Quantum Field Theory. We believe that the UoC is the right place to achieve the above goals.

Its large record of publications in String compactification and holography, its various collaborations with other leading European groups and its certified skill in tutoring and supporting young researchers are the suitable conditions for Dr. Celi to develop into a mature scientist and complete his project. At the same, he will add to the group his large experience in gauged Supergravity and new collaborations.

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