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Identification of genes involved in the Notch signalling pathway


Notch signalling plays a critical role in the intercellular communication involved in cell fate determination, stem cell potential and differentiation in many different tissues of multicellular organisms.

Therefore, the downstream responses following the activation of Notch must be flexible and context-sensitive so that appropriate intracellular responses are mounted in any given situation. This tightly regulated process makes Notch signalling an interesting research topic.

Here we describe a screen with an RNAi library to identify novel genes involved in the Notch signalling pathway. Previous results have shown that the RNAi library is successful in the identification of genes using a gain-of-function screen. As activation of Notch1 in human keratinocytes will result in senescence of these cells, we will screen for genes that can rescue this phenotype.

The obtained results can provide important information on the regulation of cell differentiation and tumorigenesis.

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