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Towards a European Defence Equipment Policy: Multi-Role Combat Aircraft Tornado, a turning-point for coordinated Defence production in EU? (1953-2005)


Despite its uncertain results, European industrial cooperation in the field of armaments is one of the most significant issues in the history of European integration: from the European Defence Community (1950-54) to the present European Armaments Agency. Moreover, it has been always part of every agreement and throughout NATO in connection with programme management agencies. Our research will be supervised by Prof. M. Dumoulin of the Universitat catholique de Louvain, Director of GEHEC (Groupe de Etude sur L' Histoire de la Europe contempoiraine), member of European research network SEGEI (Socio-Economic Governance and European Identities), and it will be expanded through contacts with various institutions as FINABEL Standardisation Committee, born in 1953 , and industries, and in connection with the proposal presented in the same call by Dr P. Deloge MIGE/HEPHAISTOS 2. In cooperation with him Dr. Burigana founded a network on this topic, MIGE (Military Industrial Governance in Europe) expanded at other European researchers. Our project aims at working out comparative tables that will try to take into consideration both the major political, industrial, military and technical protagonists involved in this field, as well as their institutional and informal interactions. We will follow an inter-sectorial, historical approach applied to a long period (1953-2005), and our analysis will deal with four test cases: the F-104 Fighter assembled under a Lockheed licence by a European consortium, the MRCA Tornado, its log ical European development, the Eurofighter, with the future wholly European aircraft, the A-400M. As final goal, with the aim of explaining our comparative tables, we intend to draft a book and devise a CD-ROM interactive manual, for presentation to EU Commission. This manual will be easy to consult not only for historians, and high-ranking national or European officials but also, in line with the bottom up effect, for everyone interested in the debate on ESDP.

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