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Timescales of Igneous and Metamorphic Processes - Accessing new Information


To investigate the timescales of plutonism, metamorphism and textural ripening through the integration of crystal size distributions (CSD), micro-beam analysis (micro XRF, microprobe, SEM), intra- and extra-crystalline diffusion based upon that data, geothermobarometry, and general petrology/ textural development as well as computer modelling of re-crystallisation regimes in contact metamorphic settings. The project will look at samples from the aureole of the Mt. Capanne pluton, Elba, which encompasses a wide variety of metamorphic protoliths (pelites, carbonates, flysch and igneous rocks), allowing the effects of the same temperature-time path on different lithology to be investigated and quantified. Spatially well-constrained samples will be taken from any lithology during fieldwork and the patterns of metamorphic and textural development of each suite will be related to a modelled temperature field constrained by geothermometric data. It is hoped that a toolbox of techniques based upon intra-crystall ine diffusion will be developed for accessing temperature-time information during the course of this work, based upon simpler techniques the applicant has devised for igneous settings. Progress permitting; the techniques developed during this investigatio n may be then extended to the more complicated case of regional metamorphic settings.

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