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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Multimode quantum optics in quantum imaging and quantum information


The project targets the investigation of the multimode aspects of quantum optics with the aim of achieving a deeper and novel understanding of multimode light. The novel aspect of the proposed research lies in the fact that essentially single mode quantum light has been deeply studied and generated so far, and the full characterization of the multimode aspects of new kinds of non-classical sources of radiation is only at the very beginning.

On the experimental side, multimode quantum light will be produced by means of an optical parametric oscillator device, operated in continuous regime but also in synchronously pumped configuration so that, in the latter case, usual quantum optics experiments should become very efficient, and very interesting quantum states should be produced. In fact it is very interesting, for the study of the multimode character of light, to increase the number of variables (space, time, frequency), so that for instance one can generate squeezing or entanglement at the multimode level, and observe multimode correlations.

The perfect tool is a cw stabilized mode-locked laser. Indeed this system has a huge potential for obtaining new quantum effects, and up to now, it has been very rarely used in the world for quantum optics purposes. From the theoretical point of view, the target of the project will be the development of an innovative theory of multimode quantum light, capable of describing the quantum effects and properties of the observed radiation.

With an exploratory approach, the study can also be extended to the potential applications for quantum imaging, quantum information or even metrology experiments that can be performed with femtosecond light and space-time entanglement.

This project, which aims at the completion and diversification of the expertise of the applicant researcher, will benefit from the high-level training and scientific quality of the host institution both in the experimental and theoretical fields of quantum optics

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