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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Anomalous Transport in One-dimensional Systems


The aim of this project is to construct an as general as possible theoretical approach to transport, non-equilibrium behaviour and collective phenomena in one-dimensional (1d) systems.

To succeed in this challenge, we divide our task in three complementary stages:
- a first-principles theoretical approach for simplified 1d models accounting for the strong correlations present in 1d structures,
- a deep numerical analysis of transport in these 1d simplified models and their non-equilibrium response , and
- use of the knowledge derived from (1) and (2) to address intriguing questions emerging in many real 1d structures.

This project is of particular relevance at this time, given the huge scientific and technological applications of 1d systems, ranging from carbon nanotubes to anisotropic crystals, magnets, polymers, semiconductor wires, zeolites, nanofluids, membrane biophysics, DNA, etc.

In particular, this proposal in especially relevant for the emerging fields of nanotechnology and nanoscience, primary objectives of European research policies. In addition, the simplicity and versatility of 1d systems allow one to tackle fundamental questions underlying most natural open systems, regarding local thermodynamic equilibrium, equipartition, transport, etc. The quest for answers to these questions is the quest for a general theory of non-equilibrium systems.

Finally, the skills, tools and methods the researcher will acquire during this project, as well as the scientific links he will create all around Europe, will pave the way toward his research independence and his establishment as a leading scientist capable of driving an outstanding and independent research group.

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